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There's something about superheroes,
Of which I'm very keen.
They wear these silly outfits
So their faces are not seen.

But not that dafty superman,
And that's my firm belief.
But no one ever finds out
Who he is (to his relief!)

And what about the web-head?
My wrists would be so sore,
Swinging on a web all day
Would become such a bore.

Someone who dresses like a bat
Is seriously unhinged.
I'm sure the batman will slip up
And get his whiskers singed.

Wonder-woman is most odd,
She dresses like a flag!
Underneath that makeup
I bet she's just a hag.

But the villains are my favorite,
the joker and Doc Oc.
One day I will become one,
And join the baddy flock!!!

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