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You killed yourself at age 11,
You were like a rose a beautiful flower,
You would smile on the outside but you would be crying out the inside,
You that we were friends til the end that we ride together we were going to die together.
You was like their flower they kept picking at you like they were pulling your leaves,
I told you to stop cutting before it gets out of hand,
And look what happened you did one last slice and stopped breathing,
I screamed because I knew that something like this was going to happened?
Now look your sleeping forever in a plie of dirt,
Your bones are just there no skin,
You've been dead for like a year now but it hurts because you pasted away because of your parents they abuised you, made you bleed, say they hated you,
And now look I guess there happy because your DEAD! Sleeping forever in a plie of dirt,
Not being able to breathe, move, talk, and listen
Their only bones in your bed, your GRAVE!
Your died because you comitted suidice at age 11!

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