Wedding Plans

Wedding Plans
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Wedding Plans.

Wedding Plans and Wedding Planning:
Wedding Plans and Wedding Planning
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Weddings are marvelous, beautiful, romantic events - that involve extensive planning. There are several sites online that offer advice, checklists, quizzes and even free software that step you through the entire process. For example, the site Wedserv provides planners with examples from other couples' experiences and details for every phase of wedding planning. The following excerpt is from one of Wedserv's articles: "To have a dream wedding, obviously it helps to know your dream. Which is why determining the over-all character and style of your wedding is the first step in the planning process." "Setting priorities is a must. It will save you time and money and reduce the inevitable stress that comes with planning your big day. Planning a wedding involves so many decisions--from the more obvious (choosing a band) to the less obvious (choosing a napkin design)--that it's impossible to focus your attention on every last detail. It's even more impossible to get everything just the way you want it, even if you're fortunate to have an unlimited budget. Make sure that you and your fiancé establish a shared wedding vision (no matter how vague it is right now) and set your priorities before you sit down with your parents and future in-laws to discuss the wedding. At this point, it's a good idea to be in agreement about other related issues, too, such as whether you plan to have a religious or secular ceremony, and whether it will take place in a church, temple, or elsewhere."

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